DreamScapes MUD

DreamScapes MUD is an online text based roleplaying game that is free to play. Within the game you develop a fantasy character that can interact with other players and many non-player characters, and explore the huge world that makes up DreamScapes. As you explore you will discover all sorts of cities, villages, quests, guilds, items, magic, and monsters. All these aspects of the game are beautifully crafted in colourful text with storybook like descriptions.
The aim of the game is to increase in power and prestige within the realm, as such the ability to roleplay your chosen character is important because with good roleplaying you will soon become well renowned and respected.

When you join the game by clicking on


you will be asked to create a character. After that process has been completed you will enter the realm and your character will also be created on the website. Then you can log in to both the game and this site with the same name and password. Full access to this site proves useful as you can join the community to seek advice, learn more about the game, exchange ideas and participate in organised in-game events.

At first the realm of DreamScapes can be very daunting as there is an awful lot to do and learn. The best piece of advice we can offer new players is that you take your time, explore the features of the game, undertake the training in the Adventurers Guild, and ask people you meet for help .... people in the game often will help out others.

Access the mud website here.

DreamScapes Dimensions is based on the many years of development that comprises DreamScapes MUD.