DreamScapes Dimensions is a free to play, medieval fantasy, Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG).

Versatile Character Creation
  • Create male or female characters, with many choices of starting clothes
  • Modify body shape and facial features
  • Create an Elf, Orc, Human, Dwarf, Demon, etc., etc.
  • Assign attribute points from a starting point pool, e.g. Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom
  • Create up to four characters to diversify your playing options

Complete Tutorial Quests To Learn The Game
  • Go into the Adventurers Guild north of the starting point, then downstairs to Thacknor to get the first quest
  • Complete the simple quest to receive weapons and learn how to use them in combat
  • Outside the Adventurers Guild talk to Gaexoje to get a simple kill quest to gain the stone miner profession
  • Talk to Bijushae to get a slightly more challenging quest to gain the stone block crafting skill
  • Complete the 'Reopen Mining Trade Route' quest to learn how to craft building items and build your own house

Harvesting Professions
  • Learn many different professions to harvest resources like wood, stone and crystals
  • Increase your proficiency in harvesting professions as you use them

Crafting Professions
  • Learn many different crafting professions and recipes to craft basic items like wooden planks and stone blocks
  • Craft items from basic resource items that you use for building houses, like walls, doors and windows

Skills and Spells
  • Find guild trainers to teach you fighting skills, priest spells and mage spells
  • As you gain levels you will gain practice sessions to enhance your skills and spells

Player Building
  • Buy deeds that are located around the world
  • Use your building resources to build player houses, castles, temples, etc.

Procedurally Generated Random Adventures
  • Enter a Dungeon Crawl, Cave Raid or Forest Scout portal and have an adventure in a randomly generated map
  • Battle your way through and gain rewards as you do, fighting bosses along the way
  • Choose from small to extra large dungeons, caves and forests, the bigger you choose to take on the greater the rewards
  • Unlimited gameplay, every time you enter a portal a new experience is generated

Daily Login Gifts
  • Every day you play the game you can collect a daily gift
  • The more days you play the better the gifts become
  • Bonus daily gifts are available for purchase to triple your available daily gifts

Equipable armour
  • Including armour skills: light armour, medium armour and heavy armour
  • Equipped armour negates damage in combat relative to it's armour class
  • Equipped armour can be occasionally damaged in combat
  • Armour class decreases with armour condition
  • Equipped weapons can also be damaged in combat, reducing the damage they inflict
  • Use the repair skill to repair armour and weapons

Player storage
  • These save your items and expand your storage capacity
  • Storage items can only be placed in your player house, you can place as many as you have space for (1 per floor tile)
  • Small, medium and large storage items are available
  • The storage items can be crafted, and can also be purchased in game, or in the Steamstore